Destroy Television
Jerry Paffendorf & Christian Westbrook

Fuse Gallery in association with GHava{SL} Center for the Arts presents "Destroy Television", a mixed reality interactive virtual installation by Futurist Jerry Paffendorf and Metaverse Architect Christian Westbrook. This exhibition will occur simultaneously in the metaverse Second Life as well as in NYC at Fuse Gallery. It opens May 23, runs through June 2, 2007. It is curated by artist/curator Annie Ok of GHava{SL} Center for the Arts.



Destroy Television is an avatar (a virtual person) in an online virtual world called Second Life. Everything you see inside of Second Life is created by the hundreds of thousands of people who regularly go "inworld" to use and experience it. People own the things they create and can sell them to each other in a real economy run almost completely on imagination without physical scarcity. Some consider it a very early glimpse into an all-encompassing future internet that seamlessly mixes atoms and bits.

Crazy things happen in Second Life (an often frustrating but creatively empowering Wild West where Fortune 500 companies mingle with robots, elves, and furries) and you have to remember that every avatar you see is controlled by a real person somewhere in the real world all coming together in the same psychological space. Destroy Television is a creature of this condition. She was "born" in a kitchen cabinet in Brooklyn stuffed full of computers as a household side-project for Jerry and Christian who live together and work professionally on virtual worlds. They playfully wanted to make an avatar that would surrender to the network, that anyone could watch and control, perform for and assume. They also wanted to stream and record her unique experience to share with other people.

Her presence in the house as an always-on gateway into the metaverse and her constant need to be moved, reset, updated, repurposed, and re-explained, pulled Jerry and Christian into the kitchen cabinet with her, making life in the virtual world an un-ignorable extension of everyday real life living, and, if Destroy has a point-of-view, vice versa. Documentation of this inspiration, experience and history is on display in Fuse Gallery in NYC as well as at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts in Second Life. The virtual exhibition at GHava{SL} Center for the Arts will allow visitors from all over the world to experience it from wherever they may be, whenever they want.

During the ten days of this show, through June 2nd, visitors to Fuse Gallery can come, crouch down under the sink, have their live image streamed into the virtual world and control Destroy Television as she explores Second Life and records 240 hours worth of experience and information (not only images, but searchable information about the people she's seen, the places she's been, the things she and others have said) that will be made into a movie. You can also find and interact with her in Second Life by searching for Destroy Television and on the web at


Artist Bios:

Jerry Paffendorf is resident futurist with The Electric Sheep Company where he explores the future of virtual worlds and how they're coming to intersect with and impact the real world. Previously he worked with the nonprofit Acceleration Studies Foundation who research accelerating technological change, why it happens and what it means. He has an MS in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a BFA in Fine Arts from Montclair State University in New Jersey. He's always talking at conferences, pushing new projects, lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and believes the 21st century will be absolutely insane as the web goes everywhere all the time and we turn the world into something like a video game and ourselves into something like avatars.

Christian Westbrook is a creative technologist who constantly seeks new ways to merge code, music, and art.  He currently is metaverse architect for The Electric Sheep Company, building bridges between real and virtual worlds and improving open source tools that enable others to create.  Christian has a BS in Computer Science from Rice University, where DTV's older brother, a robot named Virgil, still gives tours on sunny days, and is a big fan of sushi and Ableton Live.


@ Fuse Gallery:
runs May 23 - June 2, 2007
open: Tues - Sun, 3-8pm (closed Mon)

Fuse Gallery
93 2nd Ave
(btwn E 5th & E 6th)
NY, NY 10003
tel: +1.212.777.7988


@ GHava{SL} Center for the Arts:
runs May 23 - ?
open 24/7, globally (we never close)

GHava{SL} Center for the Arts
Avignon (143, 179, 490) in Second Life