Adam Alexander
Online Exhibition Launch: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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  Impasto Brushstrokes Tile 1 Valentine Fractal Crucifixion





  Sci Fi Landscape Solar Face Architecture Frost




  Gullet Array of Cones Cachina Doll Hat





  Green Lily Compass Crystal Palace Heraldic Sign




  Fuji Fractal Tile 2 Glowing Temple Ram





  Bone Cross Section Cut Glass Louse Torso




  Eye in the Egg Lacquered Tray Op Art Ribbonesque




  Lilacs Pacific NW Happy Squid Clown Kubrick Sky
  Fish Fin Tile 3 Spin Art Wheatie



  Against the Grain Orbits Book Flame





    Flag Volcano Star of David Tornado





    Russian Fairytale Village Tornadoes Desert Cow Skull Undulating Surface



    Family of Curves Alluvial Fan