Cheryl Dunn
"No One's Not Happy When They’re Dancing"
Exhibition: September 22 through October 27, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 22nd, 7 to 10 pm

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All works are inkjet prints originating from negative - editions of 10. Sizes variable. Fans 2

Fans 2
Fans 1
Fixing the Bow
The Fountain

  Bonn Girl Yeah Snow Fans Diagnol Fans

  Bamboozle 2 Stretch Moby Dance Recital

  Dragged Single Hand Anthony Kiedis Dancing Boy Magic Hour

  Untitled Chair Dance John Spencer Yes

  American Integrity 2 American Integrity 1 Face Off Dead Head

Warped Wide
Bamboozle 1
Bamboozle 3

  Cuban Dance Audition Be Your Own Hero Make Way Wolfmother Diptych

  Czech Dance Hall Grand Royal 2 Rollman Junkie

    American Line Dance Happy Together Mobile Could It Be That It Was All So Simple Then