"it needs to be repaired (in regards to everything)"

by rich jacobs

All works on this page are 14" x 10," graphite on paper.

Email us at sales@fusegallerynyc.com to request more information or a larger jpeg of any of these works.

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king of something

listen to kon ono #1


some new lines

lunar lint

do you want a fatter lip?

so, where do you live?

don't underestimate the power of a good logo

look into my eyes

mail order

the maps on your hand


neil blender and friend

termite mound

my room

your neighborhood from above

not new age

hi, i don't lack confidence.
i am very popular.

reagan youth

the rope

south america


secret past leading to early retirement

self portrait

thumbs up

portrait of tobin yelland

not tribal


smoke it





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