"Death of Swag"

Curated by Zack Bout
Exhibition: August 15 through September 12, 2012

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Cap’n Swagadopoulos
Frame 3D resin print Aviators, Silver Leaf
Clothing detail: 1-2.5mm 1 2.5 Moissanite,
23 carat Gold leaf, Copper leaf, Silver leaf
8x10x6 in

One big room full of bad bitches
Frame 3d resin print Raybans wayfares
Clothing detail gold tulips, Lv logos
Grill- gold 8-1 1.5 mm stones
8x10x6 in

Trailer home trap spot
Frames- 3d resin print Ray-Ban Talwst edition,
Enamel Paint
Grill- Silver leaf ,6 -2mm Moissanite
Clothing detail- 2mm , Marijuana
10x10x6 in

Kid Vitamin Viking Patriot of Broad Street
Frame 3d resin print Rayban TalWst edition
Clothing detail Silver & 23 carat gold headband  14-2mm Moissanite stones
Grill –23 carat gold leaf -  7 1.5 Mossisanite stones
8x10x6.5 in







Behold the Pale – Horse
Frames Aviators or Gucci size 4 and one side for horse
Louis V multi colored size 4
Grill Silver 4-2.5 trilions 4- 2mm round brilliant
12x12x7 in

Who Shot Ya ?
Frame 3d resin print Raybans Talwst edition     
Grill  23 carat Gold leaf  16-2m Moissanite stones
Hand tattoo- Ink
Detailing  23 carat gold leaf, sparkles
12x12x7 in

2 Framez
Frames – 3d resin orint Ray-Ban TalWst edition
Grill- 23 carat 8-1.5mm Moissanite stones
Clothing detail
8x10x6 in

Louis Vuttion Don aka “Open Swagame “
Frames 3d resin print Gucci
Grill – 23 carat gold leaf,
8-2mm 2-1.5 Moissanite stones
Clothing details Scarf and head band Louis V Marc Jacobs & Murakami print, 23 carat gold leaf
8x10x6 in







China Man Lloyd
Glasses 3d resin print Aviators 23 carat gold leaf
Grill  23 carat Goldleaf  2- 2.5, 4- 2mm, 4 1.5mm Moissanite stones
Clothing details Louis Vuitton jacket water slide decal
10x10x6 in

Highly decorated gangster, so keep a distance
Frames 3d resin print Ray-Ban’s TalWst  edition
Gold 23 carat gold leaf grill  2 2mm Moissanite Stones
Clothing Gold leaf and silver leaf medallions sparkles for jewels on the crown
Tattoo- Ink

Vintage Shapiro
Frame- 3d resin printed
Aviators, 23 carat gold leaf, Enamel paint
Clothing Detaling: Gucci print cape waterslide decal
Grill: Silver leaf,
7- 1.5 Moissanite  round brilliant stones
7x9x6 in

Lil Kurdzeey II
Frames 3d resin print Ray-Ban TalWst edition 
Grills Platinum 9-2mm –4 1.5 Moissanite stones
Clothing details Gucci
Tattoo- Ink
7x9x6 in







Thinking bout you
Frames- 3d resin print Ray-Ban Talwst edition,
Enamel Paint
Grill- Silver leaf ,6 -2mm Moissanite
Clothing detail- 2mm Moissanite stone in button
7x9x6 in

Colder than a polar bear’s toenail
Frames 3d resin print Alain Mikli Shutter shades
Clothing Detail: LV print shirt water slide decal
Grill: Silver leaf  2- 2mm 6-1.5 Mossisanite round
brilliant stones          
10x10x6 in

Turn my swag Onnnnnnnnnnnn
Frames  3d resin print  Ray Ban wayfares
Silver leaf, Enamel paint
Grill 23 carat, Gold leaf. 6 2mm moissanite stones
Clothing detailing: Louis V scarf
facial tattoo gold leafing on hat
2mm Stone earring, Tattoo-Ink
7x9x6 in

Hot Boyz for Life
Frames- 3d resin print Gucci TalWst edition
Grill- Silver Leaf 8-2mm stones teeth
Clothing detail 1.5 mm Moissanite stone 23 carat gold leaf & Silver leaf on necklace
8x10x6.5 in







#SoTall Sr
Frames 3d resin print  Ray-Ban TalWst  edition
Grill Gold 23 carat gold leaf  6 1.5 Moissanite stones
Clothing Detail gold buckle gold earring Gucci belt
10x10x6 in

I’ll Embarrass Ya
Frame 3d resin print Gucci, TalWst edition,
Enamel paint
Clothing detail:  23 carat gold leaf detailing
8x10x6 in

Eyes Chinese cause we smoking sour diesel
Frame- 3d resin print Ray-Bans TalWst edition
Clothing 2.5 mm Moissanite earrings
8x10x6.5 in

Shakye West
Frames 3d print  Alain Mikli  Shutter Shades
Clothing 23 carat gold leaf Silver leaf 
necklace with 16 -2mm