Tony Cox

Exhibition: March 19th through April 16th, 2011

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All works are archival pigment prints, edition of 6.
Available as 11x17, 16x24 or 24x36 prints.

  Genevieve and Sage, Baker's Beach, 1999

Dubuoce St, 1999

Easter Sunday Fest, SF, 1999

Zeboo Flying Forward, 1999






Abstract View,1999

Amber Lost Angels, 1999 Andy Lee Portland Halloween, 1998 Angelia and Steve Pacific Beach, 1995



  Artys grill Central Coffee Shop, 1999 Bonged Out Cenral Street, 2000
Brian Sleeping on Acid, 1999 Catface of Angela Pacific Beach, 1997



Degraw as Dylan Norfolk St, 2001

Dennis Portland Farmhead, 1998 Dennis Bubble fish, 2000 Disintegrated Hug, 2000


  Easter Sunday Abandonment, 1999
Easter Sunday SF, 1999 Gabe Tilted at the Grove, 1998 Golden Gate Cape, 1999


  Golden Gate Leaf, 1999 Grove Growth, 1998
Hanzy and Lisa Pick Upping, 1998 Hearther Rose Hallway of the Grove, 1998



  James Uphill Battle, 2000 Johnan James miner Sleeping 1919 Bainbridge, 1998
Jonathan James Rolling, 1998
Thom Tiresome Release, 1998


  Kenny Geary Street, 1999

Landscape Genevieve and Wendy, 1999

Lost Angels of the cross, 2000
Lost Angels View, 2000



  Make Up Mirror, 1998 Mat and Paula New Years Day, 2000
Matt Reason Passing, 1998 Matthew Dreaming in Smoke, 2000


  Merks at the bar, 2001 Meryl and Leo tripping on Norfolk, 2001
Mushroom Picking in Marin Lisa and Stephanie, 1998 NYC Ludlow, 2001



  Oregon family, 1999 Paula Future of the New Year, 2000
Puff and Sage, 1999 Pushkin playing the Roads, 2000



Reflective Nelly, 2000

River Road, 1997

Rose and Shelly Drama, 1998
Rose Smoking Guerro, 1999



    Sage and Wendy, 1999
Sage Solo Oak Street, 2000
SF Shrooms, 1998 Shade of Pacific Beach, 1997


    Shelly Barker Mat Portland Den, 1998
Steve Ingavar Olson III, 1995
Storm and Wendy coffeeshop Roof, 1999 Suski Kniving Ludlow St, 2001



    Suski 1553 Ludlow, 2001
The Saint of Thomas at Trader Sam's, 1998 The Shade of Uphill Pacific Beach, 1997
The Woods of River Road, 1997
    The World of Ingavar Olson, 1995 Thom Swinging Trees, 1998
Mirror Pacific Beach, 1997
Tino Escaping Fire July 4th, 1998



    Tino New York City July 4th 83 Canal St, 1998
Zeboo Flying Backwards, 1999